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DONE IN 2016


This Artwork is a self-reflection of what my Name and my Personality is like. 

Vineela is one of the names of Lord Shiva, meaning a dark, moonlit sky.

The Hummingbird symbolises happiness, determination, and beauty in many cultures. They remind us to enjoy life, be positive, and appreciate everything around us.

The moon is always seen as a white, radiant entity. I believe we can be beautiful in our way, in whatever shades we are, existing in the duality of what we are on the inside and outside, hence using a gradient navy blues and mustards.

The toothpicks & stitch lines represent sturdiness to achieve what I want to, through progress with breaks in between.

Marble stones show elegance, strength and refinement, which defines how I represent the knowledge I acquire on the go.

Cowries represent the little insecurities, anxiety and fears we must encounter to live life to the fullest.

Sand, in its most literal sense, represents openness towards life and my love for exploration.

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