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I took the road less taken,
and it made all the difference.




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About me


I am a creative and enthusiastic design practitioner hailing from Hyderabad. My passion lies in traditional Indian crafts, textiles, and lifestyle accessories. 

My core design characteristics are - having an eye for detail, celebrating nature, and achieving emotive connect through my designs. I strive to create works that make an impact.

I gained professional recognition through my Textile Design Under Graduation course from NIFT and work experience at the luxury brand Gaurang. During the pandemic, I rediscovered the hobby of macrame and even turned it into a source of revenue.


Pursuing Post Graduation at NID taught me to be a responsible & empathetic designer, blending my prior knowledge of designs with conversion of intangible ideas into tangible products. 

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Heartfelt creations of my soul and mind

Gulmoharlane GP.png

NIFT Textile Design, 2018

Graduation Project

Award winning Print Design Collection for Soft furnishings at the furniture design brand GULMOHAR LANE based in Jaipur, India.

Digital Printed collection on Linens, Wallpapers and other Accessory products

Below gulmohar

Assistant Textile Designer, 2018-2020

Work Experience at

Gaurang is a luxury brand presenting a bold reinvention of heritage handwovens from various clusters of India.

My role majorly involved hand-drawing designs celebrating our rich Indian culture. My experience involves designing for more than 12 craft clusters of India, focusing on one piece at a time, with finesse.


NID Lifestyle Accessory Design, 2022

Trends Research Project

A trend mapping project to identify the most evident trends for the year 2030.


Followed by taking a specific trend forward and designing an accessory around a concept.


NID Lifestyle Accessory Design, 2022

Souvenir Design Project

This is a collaborative project between NID and the Lok Sabha Giftshop situated in the Indian Parliament.

The intent of this project is to design an accessory as a souvenir, celebrating India's soul and diverse culture through traditional handicrafts.


Jewellery Design Project

NID Lifestyle Accessory Design, 2022

This workshop involves designing a jewellery piece that accentuates a body part.

From concept till putting the final piece together, the process of how to design miniature accessories is the takeaway from this project.


Forms & Emotion

NID Lifestyle Accessory Design, 2022

Form Studies Workshop focuses on the relationship between forms and the emotions they evoke. 


The process of form generation has been understood by building connection between intangible idea and tangible form . 


NID Lifestyle Accessory Design, 2023

Experience Design Project

This is a project that aims to create a physical installation to provide visitors with a memorable and impactful experience.


The installation has been designed to deliver an effective and engaging experience for the visitors, in a live setup within the NID Campus.


Macrame craft

A hobby turned into craftmanship

Macrame is one of the crafts I have re-discovered during the pandemic period of 2019 - 2020.


This series of projects handmade by me, involves products with aesthetics, new explorations, and utility. A massive scale project is involved in it too!


NIFT Textile Design, 2017

Boro Folk

This is a surface design project Inspired by the Japanese Boro textiles. End deliverables are a collection of cushions and wall accessories.


Sustainably sourced Denim pants, Jute Fabric and rug sacks are the primary materials used. 

Additional project

Additional Projects

Stepping stones of my journey through design

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